A curation by Achraf Amiri, showcasing some of the most freakish fashion designs inspired by cult horror movies.

ILLUSTRASHION Magazine comes back from the grave with a haunting special Halloween edition: “Fashion Horrors”.

This forbidden issue is a treat for all those who eat, sleep and breathe fashion and horror. Showcasing classic and present designs, reimagined as if they came right out of Freddy Krueger’s daydreams, or your worst nightmares! 30 pages including bloody illustrations inspired by Alexander McQueen, Jean-Paul Gaultier, GUCCI and more!

Order now your very limited copy of ILLUSTRASHION Magazine – “Fashion Horrors”.

Wear your fear. Happy HALLOQUEEN!

Printed on high quality paper and shipped worldwide. (Please note: Shipping costs are calculated on how much it will cost to sent and also materials for packing.)

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